Tennessee Certified Races

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Distance Race Name Race Location Course Cert#  

1 Mile AmazinGrace Mile Kingsport TN16013MS  
1 Mile Blue Lizard Crazy Mile Kingsport TN06019DJR  
1 Mile CASA Mile Rogersville TN08021MS  
1 Mile Chattanooga Chase 1 Mile Alternate Course Chattanooga TN15035MS  
1 Mile City People Downtown Dash Knoxville TN09033MS  
1 Mile Dash for the Cure 1 Mile Run Kingsport TN13084MS  
1 Mile Dogwood Mile Knoxville TN10017MS  
1 Mile Duck Island Mile Kingsport TN06001MS  
1 Mile Fast Dash 40 Mile Knoxville TN09030MS  
1 Mile Fiddler One Mile Smithville TN12042MS  
1 Mile Franklin Half One Mile Leipers Fork TN14040MS  
1 Mile Golden Eagle Mile Blountville TN14021MS  
1 Mile Hal Canfield Memorial Milefest Knoxville TN13077MS  
1 Mile Holly Help Pet Mile Kingsport TN11013MS  
1 Mile Market Street Mile Chattanooga TN06007DJR  
1 Mile Memphis Fire/Police 1 Mile Memphis TN07050MS  
1 Mile Miracle Mile Bristol TN08051MS  
1 Mile Murfreesboro Road Mile Murfreesboro TN06036DJR  
1 Mile Music City Mile Nashville TN12044MS  
1 Mile New Year's Wake Up Mile Surgoinsville TN13101MS  
1 Mile Panther Prowl Road Mile Lenoir City TN08025MS  
1 Mile Racks by the Track Mile Kingsport TN14045MS  
1 Mile RunAround the World Endurance Run 1 Mile Loop Lebanon TN14094MS  
1 Mile Running to Beat the Blues Mile Nashville TN08008MS  
1 Mile Sacred Heart School Independence Day Mile Loretto TN16032MS  
1 Mile Santa Special Road Mile Kingsport TN08003DJR  
1 Mile Smyrna Parks 1 Mile Smyrna TN14108MS  
1 Mile Soles of the City 1 Mile Knoxville TN14022MS  
1 Mile Soles of the City 1 Mile Nashville TN14013MS  
1 Mile Summers End Youth Mile Bristol TN12073MS  
1 Mile The River Run Church Hill TN12103MS  
3 Km CASA 3k Rogersville TN07002MS  
3 Km Eastman Road Race 3k Kingsport TN12066MS  
3 Km Over mountain 3k Piney Flats TN14047MS  
3 Km Race for Wandell Elizabethton TN16041MS  
2 Mile Hope Glo 2 Mile Run Unicom TN15057MS  
2 Mile Scarecrow Skedaddle 2 Mile Run Johnson City TN15094MS  
2 Mile Scenic City Scorcher 2-Mile Chattanooga TN15058MS  
2 Mile Skelton Law Racing 2 Miler Rogersville TN14072MS  
2 Mile Soles of the City 2 mile Run Knoxville TN14026MS  
5 Km 11th Annual PHIPPS BEND 5k Surgoinsville TN04043DJR  
5 Km Bill Gatton Memorial Freedom 5k Bristol TN10037MS  
5 Km Blue Plum 5k Johnson City TN10025MS  
5 Km BlueCross Riverbend 5k Chattanooga TN09034MS  
5 Km Calhouns New Year's Day 5k Knoxville TN09040MS  
5 Km Clinton Lakefront 5k Clinton TN12104MS  
5 Km Dogwood Classic 5k Knoxville TN04012DJR  
5 Km Elvis Presley International 5k Memphis TN05013DJR  
5 Km Fenton Payne & Fred 5k Murfreesboro TN07005MS  
5 Km Golden Eagle 5k Blountville TN10080MS  
5 Km Hotter than Hell 5k Knoxville TN10044MS  
5 Km Komen Race for the Cure 5k Chattanooga TN11046MS  
5 Km Komen Tricities Race for the Cure Kingsport TN10054MS  
5 Km KTC Expo 5k Knoxville TN11038MS  
5 Km Mayor's Cup 5k Germantown TN11097MS  
5 Km Medicine in May 5k Memphis TN12018MS  
5 Km Memphis Grizzlies House 5k Memphis TN08063MS  
5 Km Moosic City Dairy Dash 5k Nashville TN10084MS  
5 Km MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 1st 5k Memphis TN07004MS  
5 Km MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 2nd 5k Memphis TN07004MS  
5 Km MRTC Women Run/Walk Memphis Memphis TN02023RH  
5 Km New Year's Wake-Up Run 5K Surgoinsville TN12110MS  
5 Km Raccoon Mountain 5k Chattanooga TN08045MS  
5 Km Reindeer Run 5k Johnson City TN12094MS  
5 Km Run for the Deaf 5k Knoxville TN04014DJR  
5 Km Secret City 5k Oak Ridge TN13037MS  
5 Km Senior Games State Finals 5K Brentwood TN15024MS  
5 Km Special Kids Bunny Run 5k Memphis TN02023RH  
5 Km Speedway in Lights 5k Bristol TN12105MS  
5 Km Susan Komen Race for the Cure Collierville TN13043MS  
5 Km Tom King Classic 5k Nashville TN13009MS  
5 Km Turkey Trot 5k Cookeville TN09064MS  
5 Km Turkey Trot at Providence 5K MT Juliet TN11084MS  
5 Km Ultimate 5k Bartlett TN08027MS  
5 Km Viva La Diva 5k Franklin TN11058MS  
6 Km Heroes in Recovery 6k Leiper's Fork PENDING  
4 Mile Firecracker 4 Miler Rogersville TN05012DJR  
4 Mile Goodlettsville 4 Mile Classic Goodlettsville TN12079MS  
4 Mile Goodlettsville 4 Mile Classic Goodlettsville TN12079MS  
4 Mile Red White Boom! 4 Miler Kingsport TN10092MS  
4 Mile Right Road 4 Miler Memphis PENDING  
4 Mile The HOPE 4 Greeneville TN11029MS  
8 Km Bigfoot Scramble 5 Miler Hilham TN13088MS  
8 Km BlueCross Autumnfest 8k Knoxville TN10023MS  
8 Km Boullevard Bolt Nashville TN95017RH  
8 Km CASA Road Race Rogersville TN08020MS  
8 Km Covered Bridge 5k Elizabethton TN13026MS  
8 Km Crazy Eights Race Kingsport TN08001DJR  
8 Km MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 1st 5 Miler Bartlett TN08030MS  
8 Km MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 2nd 5 Miler Bartlett MS08030MS  
8 Km Pigeon Forge Midnight 8k Pigeon Forge TN10018MS  
8 Km Pioneer 5 Miler Johnson City TN08076MS  
8 Km Sports Barn Turkey Trot Chattanooga TN08086MS  
10 Km BlueCross Riverbend 10k Chattanooga TN09035MS  
10 Km Carter Mill 10k Knoxville TN03001DJR  
10 Km Chasing Snakes 10k Johnson City TN09076MS  
10 Km Eastman Road Race 10k Kingsport TN15059MS  
10 Km Great Pumpkin Run 10k Chattanooga TN10068MS  
10 Km Joe Johnson Mental Health 10k Chattanooga TN10068MS  
10 Km King Tornado 10k Bristol TN12108MS  
10 Km KTC Expo 10k Knoxville TN11039MS  
10 Km Moosic City Dairy Dash 10k Nashville TN12012MS  
10 Km MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 1st 10k Memphis TN10056MS  
10 Km MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 2nd 10k Bartlett TN10056MS  
10 Km Raccoon Mountain 10k Chattanooga TN08046MS  
10 Km Roan Mountain 10k Roan Mountain TN12070MS  
10 Km Senior Games State Finals 10K Brentwood TN15025MS  
10 Km Strawberry Plains 10k Strawberry Plains TN01034RH  
10 Km Ultimate 10k Bartlett TN08024MS  
10 Km War Party 10k Run Kingsport TN04040DJR  
8 Mile Hill and Dale 8 Miler Millington TN08083MS  
8 Mile Over the River 8 Miler Buchanan TN10086MS  
8 Mile The Eerie Eight 8 Miler Kingsport TN12099MS  
15 Km Shelby Bottoms Boogie 15k Nashville TN09051MS  
15 Km Special Kids Race 15k Murfreesboro TN09070MS  
10 Mile Calhoun 10 Mile Run Lenoir City TN08002MS  
10 Mile MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 1st 10 Miler Millington TN11047MS  
10 Mile MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 2nd 10 Miler Millington TN11047MS  
10 Mile RC Cola Moon Pie 10 Mile Run Bell Buckle TN14037MS  
10 Mile Surgoinsville 10 Miler Surgoinsville TN03004RH  
10 Mile Team Nashville 10 Miler Goodlettsville TN08075MS  
10 Mile Terrifying 10 Miler Kingsport TN12096MS  
10 Mile Viva La Diva 10 miler Franklin TN12053MS  
10 Mile Youth Villages 10 Miler Memphis TN13008MS  
Half Marathon Andrew Jackson Half Marathon jackson TN03005RH  
Half Marathon Cedars Frostbite Half Marathon Lebanon TN07049MS  
Half Marathon Country Music Half Marathon Nashville TN09016MS  
Half Marathon Covenant Health Knox Half Marathon Knoxville TN10007MS  
Half Marathon Germantown 1/2 Marathon Germantown TN09071MS  
Half Marathon Haunted Half Marathon Kingsport TN12092MS  
Half Marathon Haunted Half Marathon Cookeville TN09067MS  
Half Marathon MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 1st Half Mar Memphis TN07039MS  
Half Marathon MRTC EJ Goldsmith RRS 2nd Half Mar Memphis TN07039MS  
Half Marathon Murfreesboro Half Marathon/ The Middle Half Murfreesboro TN15067MS  
Half Marathon Scenic City Half Marathon Chattanooga TN11007MS  
Half Marathon Shelby Farms Greenline Half Mar. Memphis TN11055MS  
Half Marathon St Jude Memphis Half Marathon Memphis TN09041MS  
Half Marathon Strawberry Plains Half Marathon Strawberry Plains TN04007DJR  
Half Marathon Tom King Classic Half Marathon Nashville TN13010MS  
30 Km Whitestone 30k Paint Rock TN02001RH  
Marathon 7 Bridges Marathon Chattanooga TN12022MS  
Marathon Andrew Jackson Marathon Jackson TN06026DJR  
Marathon Country Music Marathon Nashville TN09017MS  
Marathon Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Knoxville TN10006MS  
Marathon St Jude Memphis Marathon Memphis TN09042MS  
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