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This service provided by the is designed to be THE preferred home of USA state road running records. Records for each state are managed by a specific person.

This site assumes certain fundamentals about state running records:

  • Runner must be a US citizen
  • The race course must be USATF certified
  • State Records are maintained down to each individual year of age
  • REQUIRED information for a state record includes the
    • Runner Name
    • Runner Age on raceday
    • Runner Finish Time
    • City and/or name of race
    • Date of race
  • In addition, some states may have additional requirements such as
    • In AL, KY, MS, SC, & TN: Runner must be a resident of the state in which the record was set
    • USATF course certification # (highly recommended)
    • Runner's Date of Birth is required to ratify a record, but the DOB will not be displayed or shared ("ON FILE")
    • Runner's hometown

Runners - Submitting State Records:

Record submissions should be made directly to the record keeper for each state:

State How to submit... Record Keeper
Alabama AL rules Buck Jones
Kentucky KY rules Buck Jones
Mississippi MS rules Buck Jones
Missouri MO rules Mike Lundgren
New Hampshire NH rules Bill Spencer
South Carolina SC rules Bill Marable
Tennessee TN rules Buck Jones

Record keepers:

Storing your records here...?:
If you are a state record keeper and would like to publish your data on our site, please contact the site webmaster so an account can be setup for you.

Importing Data:
We have an import utility that can import data from a text file. The import data must have fixed length columns, all required data fields, and no tab characters. Date fields must be specified as mm/dd/yy, mm/dd/yyyy, mm-dd-yy, or mm-dd-yyyy. Race time must be formatted as hh:mm:ss.xx.

Questions related to the design and operation of this website should be directed to the site webmaster.